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Enhancement Projects Bring Value Without Breaking the Bank


When buying or selling a home, a fresh coat of paint and clean baseboards go a long way. The same is true with commercial landscape enhancements.

For the last several months, I have been house hunting in this incomparable market. My last home was new construction - everything was clean, shiny and most of all, brand new!

These homes are not.

However, that doesn't mean that they can't be enhanced to draw prospective buyers in and give the feel of a newer home because they are well taken care of.

Landscape Enhancements are the "fresh coat of paint and clean baseboards" of landscaping.

Some of the properties we maintain have been customers since the early 1980's. Trends have changed since we began in 1980 and commercial landscaping has also evolved.

Even our newer customers may have landscapes that need to be updated.

Landscape Enhancements add value to your property and any business owner knows that being set apart from the competition makes all the difference when attracting new customers and ultimately, growing.

A beautiful, clean, and inviting landscape is often the first impression that many people have of your business, neighborhood or property.

For a business, a well-maintained landscape shows that your company values attention to detail and when you meet the needs of your customer, no detail goes unnoticed.

For a church, a well-maintained landscape shows that you are a good steward of the blessings that God has bestowed upon you.

For a homeowners association, a well-maintained landscape shows that the community is as invested in the property values of the residents, as the residents themselves.

Well-maintained doesn't just mean fresh cut grass with little to no weeds. It also means that when the landscaping needs to be updated, it becomes a priority.

Here at The Byrd's Group, we are invested in becoming your partner in the care of your property. If you're an existing client, reach out to your Account Manager, today, to discuss your enhancement opportunities and how to budget for them.

If we haven't had the pleasure of working with you, yet, give us a call at 704-596-7748 or send an email to James Lenga, Business Development Manager

Take a look at the before & after photos below from a recent HOA Enhancement project.

by: Whitney Ryan, Director of Marketing

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