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Equipping Our Team


We know everyone learns differently. Our safety training incorporates a variety of learning methods to ensure our team is equipped to provide landscape solutions for every client.

Our team takes part in 3 types of Safety Training:

Initial Orientation introduces the importance of safety and our company's philosophy and standards for every employee

On-the-Job Training is geared towards employees that learn best through return demonstration.

Safety Videos & Assessments allow our employees to see and hear how to safely maintain and operate our equipment. In addition, the assessments allow employees to test their knowledge and understanding so our Account Managers & Crew Leaders can support further learning and understanding.

The Byrd's Group makes safety a TOP PRIORITY because:

We care about our employees.

We value our clients and their expectations of our team.

We value the property of our clients.

We want to encourage and equip our team to grow within our organization.

Our focus on safety is just one reason why The Byrd's Group continues to provide landscape solutions to the Charlotte Metro area after 41 years.

We take care of our people, our clients, and our company.

These new employees participated in our Safety Video & Assessment training, today!

The videos and assessments, along with the support of our facilitator, Sandra, were all in Spanish to support our team's understanding.

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