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H-2B program status update


The Byrd’s Group #1 challenge is finding labor in a local economy where the unemployment rate is at 4.2%. We are currently advertising in Charlotte and surrounding counties. We have posted jobs openings as far away as West Virginia, Kentucky, and upstate New York. Small business owners want to hire every available local person because of the financial burden of the H-2B program and the unfair E-Verify exemption for companies with a maximum of 25 employees, but even then it will not be enough. Without the H-2B program for legal foreign workers our business and many others can not meet the demand for today’s growing economy. We need bipartisan support in both houses of Congress and the support of the American people.

For more information follow this link by Gregg Robertson with Landscape Management - Government Affairs H-2B

We hire local and we hire legal.

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