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Meet the Team Monday - Susan Cossaboon - Project Coordinator


We're back with Meet the Team Monday! Today, we're introducing you to Susan Cossaboon, Project Coordinator.

You may remember us celebrating Susan's 20 year anniversary back in March!

Susan joined our team in March 2001 after responding to a blind advertisement for an accounting position. She became an incredible asset and in the mid-2000's her position developed into Project Coordinator. Today, she says, "I've been at The Byrd's Group so long, I really can't see myself anywhere else. I love working here because it's a family owned & operated company with great values and ethics."

When we celebrated her 20 year anniversary, Mr. Byrd affectionately joked that Susan's biggest job is keeping our managers straight! All joking aside, Susan is a vital member of our team and those managers will tell you they are incredibly thankful for her support. Day to day, her primary responsibilities include: ensuring that customer billing is accurate & timely, providing exceptional customer service, and handling a variety of other responsibilities that support our high quality customer service.

Susan is a Cabarrus County native and spends her time, outside of the office, with her close-knit family, especially her husband, two kids, and two precious granddaughters. She is an incredible animal lover, and enjoys baking and gardening, as well.

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