Byrds Group employee watering large yellow flowers

Safety is our PRIORITY!


April 1st is just around the corner and we have been preparing for the arrival of our H2B Visa workers. These individuals join our team, for seasonal work, through a program within the US Department of Homeland Security. While we are thankful for the H2B program, the continued recruitment of a local, long-term workforce remains our focus.

Today, our Human Resources team assembled PPE (personal protective equipment) for the incoming H2B workers.

Equipping every member of The Byrd's Group team is vitally important to company morale, customer confidence, and ultimately, our success. One of the most valuable ways to equip your employees is for SAFETY to be a top priority.

TBGI branded safety vests & hats, ear plugs, and safety glasses are just a few items that keep our employees safe.

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