Byrds Group employee watering large yellow flowers

Summer Kick-Off


A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege of recognizing our team during a Summer Kick-Off event!

One of our focuses this year is COMMUNICATION - good communication can be one of the sources of success and poor communication can be the culprit of many challenges.

We recognized the investment that our people make into The Byrd's Group and our customers.

An old friend, Juan Benitez brought his food truck, Taco Truck - Huntersville, to our office and provided a delicious and authentic meal for everyone! You can find more information about Taco-Truck - Huntersville, here: Taco Truck - Huntersville

Mr. Stephen Libby joined us and provided slushies for our team to enjoy at the end of a hot day. Stephen is a long time employee of one of our first accounts, Northside Baptist Church. We have provided landscape solutions at Northside since the early 1980s.

"We have been looking for a way to show the people at The Byrd's Group how much we appreciate all they have done at Northside."

Our employees have chosen to work in a field where the conditions are not always ideal, the work is hard, and sometimes the fruits of their labor can go unnoticed.

That Wednesday afternoon, our message was clear: "We value each one of our people, your work is appreciated and important!"

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