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Weed Management and a Helpful Resource from SuperSod


One of our long-time vendors, SuperSod, has featured a "Weed of the Month" on their blog, this year.

Horticulturist Hillary Thompson takes an in-depth look at different weeds, each month, that commonly grow in the southeast U.S. Hillary's blog provides helpful information for identifying, understanding the benefits, managing, and eradicating these weeds.

Check out her blog HERE for photos, facts, and suggestions on weed management.

Our clients range from businesses, churches, apartment complexes, homeowner's associations, schools, etc.

In each of these industries, the landscaping of your property is one of the initial opportunities to make a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION on potential clients, residents, members, etc.

Commercial landscaping that focuses on proper turf management, weed management, and attention to detail creates a WOW factor.

Your property's investment in well-maintained landscaping speaks volumes to clients about the quality of the products or services you provide and the investment you will make in those you are trying to attract.

If you're asking yourself, "my commercial property has a lot of weeds growing with my turf, what should I do?"

The answer is simple.

Reach out to The Byrd's Group TODAY!

Speak with a member of our team who can provide a landscape solution for your property.

We've been providing landscape solutions across the Charlotte area since 1980, take the first step to make The Byrd's Group, Inc. your commercial landscaping partner!

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