Byrds Group employee watering large yellow flowers

What are "landscape solutions?"

Installation, Maintenance, and Enhancements...which solution is right for my property?

Landscape Installation which starts with a blank slate, creates and develops a beautiful and efficient final product.
This is most like building a new construction home.

Landscape Maintenance seems self-explanatory, but it’s more than just mowing the grass.

Maintenance includes many responsibilities like:



cleaning up clippings



weed control

leaf removal




Maintenance focuses on nurturing and encouraging the growth & health of your landscape.

Landscape Enhancements relate to established landscapes that need an update.
Enhancements may be necessary for functionality or visual appeal.
Functional enhancements encompass replacement of dead or dying tree & plant materials, drainage solutions, irrigation service & repair.
Visual appeal refers to enhancements focused on beautifying the property like: tree, shrub & floral updates, new mulch or pine straw, and more.

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