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Company History

President of The Byrd's Group

The story of the Byrd’s Group began in 1980 when Bobby W. Byrd set out against conventional wisdom to pursue a career in a field he was extremely passionate about. Unknown to Mr. Byrd during his childhood, growing up on a farm in Eastern North Carolina, his occupational skill set was being developed daily, along with his passion to work outdoors. The early mornings and long days introduced such traditional values as work ethic, commitment and integrity.

These values have stood the test of time for over 60 years making our company what it is today. It is because of the passion, work ethic, commitment, and integrity that The Byrd’s Group has been able to stand the test of time, recessions, and unforeseen circumstances. But it doesn't stop there. These values are an integral part of the culture at The Byrd's Group, which influences every employee, from our operations crews, to our managerial staff, to our administrative personnel. We exist to exceed the expectations of our clients.

The Byrd’s Group is as passionate today about delivering exceptional quality and customer service to every client as it was in 1980 when Mr. Byrd set out on the first day of his new career.